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As Diezelmine and Villagiulo arrive in Kamogawa for the conference, Asteria arranges for them to be trapped in an elevator to have their discussion, which seems revolve around Madoka and the Voxes power. Meanwhile, a Le Garite Ovid crash lands into Kamogawa, its pilot revealed to be the De Metorian princess and Villagiulo's sister, Yurikano, who was rescued by Dizelmine following a war but had lost her memory. Recognising her as the girl she saw in her vision, Madoka tries to see if she knows anything, but to no avail. Wanting to give Madoka a chance to prove herself, Lan manages to sneak her and Muginami aboard Dizelmine's ship back to Le Garite.


  • Marks the first physical appearance of Yurikano.
  • Hiroshi Nakaizumi, Machiko Iwabuchi, Yoko Nakaizumi, Souta Serizawa, Sachi Nogami and Michi Kondou didn't appear for this episode. However, Sachi's father Ryojiro mentions her while talking to Izo.