Madoka has her hands full as, on top of her usual Jersey Club requests, she has to sort out her post-graduation plans and organise a party for Kirius and Array, who are to leave for their home planet. Meanwhile as Nomundus investigate the whereabouts of Moid, Asteria tells everyone about her involvement in the 20,000 year old tragedy, revealing her real name to be Maycun, a former queen of Le Garite. After a full day of fulfilling requests, Madoka comes down with a fever. As Lan and Muginami look after her, they worry about how to tell her that they intend to return to their home planets once they graduate. As Madoka recovers and joins in the farewell party, Asteria contacts Villagiulo for information on Moid and comes to realise something about him whilst Dizelmine undergoes a Vox Control Particle Experiment under Moid's suggestion. After Kirius and Array take their leave, the Le Garite fleet suddenly appears above Earth and a fallen De Metrio ship lands upon Kamogawa.

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