Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Wiki

Madoka and the others find Dizelmine on the beach, where Yurikano is standing by him. The Rin-ne they are in soon changes as a result of their will changing Dizelmine's heart. As the place soon starts to close up, Madoka insists on taking Yurikano and Dizelmine with her. They soon arrive back in the real world, singing their triumphant Jersey Club anthem which quells the black phenomenom into beautiful flowers which drift off into space. Upon leaving the Rin-ne, Dizelmine ends up as a younger age, much like Asteria did, whilst Yurikano reunites with the KISS members and Moid mysteriously vanishes into thin air. After Madoka graduates from high school, she tells Yoko about what happened ten years ago when Midori saved her from drowning, believing it to be a message from her mother. Meanwhile, the Jersey Club form branches on Le Garite and De Metrio, with Madoka, Lan and Muginami helping out all over the universe.


  • When Moid is about to be banished into the Rin-ne as punishment, his eyes open.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of the flowers of Lagrange known as the Circle of Rin-ne by Asteria orbiting Earth.
  • Hiroshi Nakaizumi mentions the reopening of  Tanpopo Children's Park which was destroyed after Madoka's Vox Aura got tossed by Kirius' Ovid Libertas in Lan Blooms in Kamogawa.
  • In the final credits of the series, the three chairs symbolizing the three Vox pilots are finally sit down by Muginami, Madoka and Lan.