As the Jersey Club works on a preparing a cultural festival, Izo becomes inspired by a samurai drama to challenge Madoka to a duel and travels to Kamogawa, prompting Array and Kirius to try and stop him. As Izo is mistaken by some of the other students for Madoka's boyfriend, he is told how Madoka was inspired by Yoko to join the Jersey Club after her mother died trying to save someone. After hearing the story, Izo decides to leave before Madoka arrives.


  • Shozo Tadakoro, Haruka Uehara, James Row, Eri Watabe, Souta Serizawa, Yoko Nakaizumi and Asteria (the only episode) didn't appear in this episode. Although Yoko is not seen in this episode, she was mentioned by Madoka's classmates and Hiroshi while telling a story to Array and Izo.
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