As the girls arrive on Le Gartie's ship, Dizelmine explains why he kept Yurikano's presence on the ship a secret from Lan. Later, Dizelmine brings Madoka to where Yurikano is, putting her in an experiment to implant her mind into Yurikano's body. Realising what Dizelmine intends to do, Lan devises a plan to distract the Le Garite troops while Muginami goes to rescue Madoka. As Madoka and Yurikano meet again in subconscious state, Madoka feels Yurikano shouldn't need to sacrifice herself for other people and decides to fight her to get her to tell Dizelmine and Villagiulo how she truly feels. As the Le Garite ship starts to become covered in a strange red substance, the Vox automatically launch from Pharos while Yurikano wakes up in Madoka's body.

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