As Madoka, Lan and Muginami feel someone is watching them, they are told they will have to move out of their storeroom at the request of the Student Council as the Jersey Club isn't an official club. Deciding they should make the club official so they can keep the storeroom, Madoka recruits a first year student named Reiko Miki, although she turns out to be a bit clumsy. Meanwhile, Yoko meets up with Machiko, who tells her to free herself from the Jersey Club she created in the past. The next day, Madoka learns that Reiko joined the Jersey Club as she wants to pilot a robot like the others. Madoka uses the Tanada Night Festival, in which large Vox balloons are inflated, to explain to Reiko that they are no longer using the Voxes to fight and she should think about what would make her happy. To this end, Reiko decides to quit the Jersey Club in favour of starting up a robot club, although the Jersey Club are allowed to keep the storeroom for a bit longer in the end. Meanwhile, as Asteria ponders the contradictions concerning the 20,000 year old tragedy, Moid steals the stone tablet, converting it into a small shape and presenting it to Dizelmine, revealing to him the memoria imprinted on his body.


  • Shozo Tadakoro, Eri Watabe, James Row, Haruka Uehara, Hiroshi Nakaizumi, Villagiulio and Grania didn't appear in this episode. Although, Muginami tries to call Tadakoro in order to save Madoka from getting blown away with a Vox Aura/Midori Baloon.
  • Reiko Miki made several non-speaking appearances prior to this episode.
  • Reiko Miki is voiced by Natsumi Takamori in Japanese and Cassandra Lee Morris in English replacing Christine Marie Cabanos in this episode.
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