As Yoko has her assistant scour the seabed in search of something, Madoka, unable to pilot Midori properly again, returns to Kamogawa to see the New Year in. Upon returning home, Madoka receives New Year's letters from Lan and Muginami, updating her about what's going on in their lives, to which Madoka makes a prompt reply. As the months pass by and Madoka moves up a year in school, Lan and Muginami visit an intergalactic replica of Kamogawa on the tourist planet Polyhedron. They soon run into each other and decide to search for a present for Madoka's birthday before parting ways once again. During the school's sports festival, Asteria arranges it to be viewed accross space so that Madoka can show Lan and Muginami that everyone is doing fine. As Madoka's birthday arrives, she receives her gift from Lan and Muginami, a matching bracelet, before her friends and family throw her a surprise party.

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