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Kaori Ishihara

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Kira Buckland

Madoka Kyouno (京乃 まどか, Kyōno Madoka) is the protagonist of the series. She is a sole member of a Jersey Club who often helps out other clubs and people in need and is passionate about her home town of Kamogawa. She soon discovers she has the ability to pilot a strange robotic aircraft known as the Vox Aura, which she previously encountered ten years ago when she almost drowned. She names this Vox unit Midori, after its green color. In Season 2, she is in her last year of high school and has not thought what she is going to do for the future. She still helps out with the Jersey Club and her uncle's new beach cafe.


Madoka has two very close friends in Lan and Muginami. They all care for each other very much and are able to stay such close friends due to their kind natures and desire to help others. Madoka is extremely cheerful and eager to help out anyone in need. This is mainly due to her cousin Youko to whom Madoka looked up to as a child. Her cousin Youko was one of the original members of the Jersey club, Madoka took on the position of club captain when Youko graduated. Madoka always wants to help anyone in need, even when they didn't ask or deny her help completely. Her desire to help other overrides her other commitments, which can often lead her to become overwhelmed. But this is all part of the jersey club spirit. Madoka beams the Jersey club spirit wherever she goes, whether she is doing club activities or fighting in her Vox, at one point she even sang the jersey club theme while fighting inside her Vox. Later her friend Lan and Muginami also join the Jersey club, and show almost the same intensity of the Jersey club spirit. Together they work hard to help others. Their friendship was tested a few times due to the political conflicts of their home planets, but they realize that they care for each other too much to let political problems come between them.


Due to being captain of the Jersey Club, Madoka has become a bit of a jack of all trades. She is good at kendo, wrestling, swimming etc. Swimming is one of her stronger skills having used it to save several people who were drowning and traveling impossible distances through the water.

Apart from her physical skills, Madoka also excels at piloting her Vox, which she named Midori. She picked up the controls of the Vox naturally, and quickly learned how to change modes on her Vox from flight to combat mode.


  • Madoka's surname Kyouno means "capital city" (京) (kyou) and "from" (乃) (no).


  • Madoka has a habit of saying "Maru" (まるっ, lit. 'circle', used for marking correct answers) when she finishes helping someone.


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