Madoka rushes to try and stop Lan and Muginami from fighting, though has trouble piloting Midori in the process. Just then she hears Lan and Muginami's true thoughts about how they hate having to fight against each other. As Madoka fails to understand why Muginami and Lan must fight as they go into hiding upon the arrival of Le Garite troops, she once again loses control of Midori. Madoka tries to search all over Kamogawa for the whereabouts of Lan and Muginami, even going as far as to call Villagiulo. Meanwhile, both Lan and Muginami find themselves drawn towards the Jersey Clubroom, where they explain their reasons concerning Madoka. As Madoka eventually finds them and hears how they are burdened by the war between their planets, she gets them to literally kiss and make up, saying if the three of them work together, they can get Villagiulo and Dizelmine to put aside their differences. Putting their quarrels behind them, the three decide to reform the Jersey Club together whilst Asteria tells Lan and Muginami to seek asylum on Earth.


  • Machiko Iwabuchi, Sachi Nogami, Michi Kondou, Moid and Dizelmine didn't appear in this episode. Dizelmine is only mentioned by Villagiulio about his plan.
  • Madoka Kyouno still wasn't able to pronounce Villagiulio's name properly much to annoyance of Grania and Shozo Tadakoro. Villagiulio points out that Madoka hasn't changed since the first season.
  • Ever since the first season, the series director, Tatsuo Sato said that there will no romance in the whole series.
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