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Moid aboard the Pharos

Le Garite, Pharos

Physical description


Hair color

Light Brown

Voiced by
Voice Actor (Japanese)

Kazuyuki Okitsu

Voice Actor (English)

Vic Mignogna

Dizelmine's aide who was an observant at Pharos during the first season, and since then returned to assist his master. Moid is the main antagonist in the series. This however becomes known at the end of the series where he reveals he was the cause of the earth being destroyed 20,000 years ago, as he tries to destroy the earth once more in the season 2 finale. His current fate remains unknown


Though appearing cheerful and working towards the goals of Madoka, Lan, and Muginami. It is shown that Moid has a very sinister side, a quality that Shozo detects from Moid as well, due to the lack of trust Shozo has in Moid. Moid remains cheerful even in the midst of mass destruction and highly dangerous situation that Lan, Madoka, and Muginami face. Moid's cheerful persona has only been broken a few times an example being the season 1 finale in which Shozo irritated Moid by interrupting what Moid called 'the best part' as the three Vox's opened a destructive energy field. Since Season 1, Moid has resumed his position as Dizelmine's aide. During the season 2 finale, Moid makes his true intentions and alliance known when he betrays the entire universe by trying to bring forth the legend of the 3 demons (Vox Units) destroying the universe.

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