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A man named Villagiulio comes, who Muginami reveals is an ally of sorts. However, Villagiulio soon turns against Muginami for taking the Vox unit for herself, causing Madoka to become angry.


  • This marks the first appearance of Villagiulio.
  • When Lan wakes up, we could see an orca plush toy in her room and this implies the reason why she named Orca for her Vox Rympha. Plus, we could also see her natural hairstyle.
  • Shozo Tadakoro, Eri Watabe, James Row, Haruka Uehara, Yoko Nakaizumi, Souta Serizawa, Izo, Kirius and Array didn't appear in this episode. Although Yoko doesn't appear, she is only mentioned by Machiko Iwabuchi.