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As reaction of the Voxes causes a large energy field to appear in the sky, Madoka subconsciously speaks with a strange woman who tells her to follow her own path. Motivate, Madoka regains control of Midori and, along with Lan and Muginami, changes the energy field into a beautiful flower. As Madoka learns that Yoko is still alive, Midori suddenly shuts down and is targeted by Villagiulo. However, he is stopped by the arrival of the Le Garite army, prompting Muginami to leave with him in order to save him. Two weeks following the incident, the existence of alien civilizations and Lan's identity as the Princess of Le Garite have since been revealed to the world and she is due to return to her home planet. Going up to a 'Hill of Vows', Madoka and Lan make a promise that they, along with Muginami, will once again meet in Kamogawa before parting ways. As Autumn comes, Asteria reveals her insignia to Yoko while Madoka receives a letter from Muginami.


  • The scene where Lan and Madoka make a promise that they'll meet each other again alongside Muginami is later seen in A Vow To Kamogawa .


  • The Ending song of the series (Hello! by Megumi Nakajima) is used as the opening sequence instead of Try Unite!.
  • This is the last appearance (production wise) of Erika Takakura, one of Madoka's friends and kendo mentor.