A year following the events of the last season, Madoka contemplates her career options whilst Lan is on a space station being experimented on by her brother, Dizelmine. Just then, the station is attacked by the De Metrio army, led by Muginami, forcing Lan and the Le Garite army to retreat. The next day, as Pharos appears in Kamogawa again for an intergalactic conference, Madoka finally reunites with Lan, who takes her to Pharos asking her to pilot Midori again. As Muginami is seen approaching Pharos, intending to stop Madoka from piloting Midori, Lan engages her in battle, believing she intends to kill Madoka. As Madoka objects to the fighting, she manages to get Midori working again and enters the fray.


  • Muginami's Vox Ignis is upgraded with an energy cape that uses as a shield and Lan's Vox Rympha gains the ability to transform the robot's gun into a sword.
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