As a girl named Madoka Kyono rescues a girl from drowning, she finds her school uniform missing and later returned by a strange girl. Later that night, Madoka is questioned by her cousin, Yoko Nakaizumi, about something. The next day, Madoka once again meets the girl, who introduces herself as Lan and asks Madoka to pilot a robotic aircraft known as an Ovid at an offshore base. As Madoka touches the Ovid and experiences a flashback of sorts, an enemy Ovid from outer space, piloted by a man named Array, appears and attacks the base. Lan reveals herself to be an alien sent to protect Madoka and the Ovid, the two of which are linked together. Madoka agrees to pilot the Ovid, which responds to her emotions and changes into a robotic form to fight against Array, defeating him using Madoka's knowledge of club activities.

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